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Splitting Hairs and Wasting Time

Hernandez v. Ross Stores, 4/2, 1/3/17 Employee filed a single count PAGA claim based on various alleged California Labor Code violations. The trial court denied employer’s motion to compel arbitration (of course). We all know what Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Los Angeles LLC (2014) 59 Cal.4th 348, 387 (Iskanian) says […]

January 4, 2017 | Objection Sustained |

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Litigation Ruzicka, Wallace & Coughlin, LLP provides the full spectrum of litigation services. We have the expertise needed to successfully resolve your case and are committed to delivering high quality and cost-effective services. We provide support throughout the litigation process, from the inception of the case through trial. We work […]

December 27, 2016 | Objection Sustained |

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